Monday, August 31, 2009

WGIC Won Free Burritos!

One of our planners at WGIC recently dropped a business card in a fishbowl at her local Chipotle and found out today that she won WGIC 5 free burritos!!

Time for a Mexican-themed party! YUM!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


WGIC is now on...

While planning the Lifestyle Center Preview Party for P.H.D. and TEAMiFIT, WGIC came across an awesome vendor that we couldn't wait to share, - an earth-friendly promotional products company. We're using the recycled shopping bags for a goody bag giveaway! offers a wide variety of Eco-friendly bags; organic, biodegradable, hemp, raw, or recycled. Whatever your preference, they've got the answer. They also have eco-friendly flash drives, balloons, clip boards, travel accessories, lip balm, wallets, and tea.

When planning your next event check out for your favors, give aways, or goody bags!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We've Got It! Chicago for the Windy City Gator Club

WGIC's very own, Katie Karakosta, is proud to be the social chair for the Windy City Gator Club.
"Today was the Gator Football Kickoff Party! There were raffles prizes, drinks, food, bags, fun, friends, fellow alumni, and more. We had such a great time and hope you did too! ~

Go GATORS!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Personal Health Design, PhD

WGIC Just returned from our consultation with Personal Health Design owner, Doc Rob, to discuss their big studio opening party on September 17th from 5:30pm to 9pm (with an after party at District)! The space looks awesome; there's still a lot of work to be done before the big day but we know they will pull it off just beautifully!

If you would like to join us at the PhD Opening Extravaganza or for more information on the event and Doc Rob or PhD, please email

Thursday, August 27, 2009

JK Wedding Dance

We've seen this before, but couldn't help share!

This goes to show that you don't need millions of dollars to have a great ceremony; just a little fun and a lot of love!

We especially like that, with the amount of attention that they've received, Jill and Kevin decided to help out a good cause. Visit their website to learn more on how you can help prevent domestic violence.

Good luck to you both and a wishes for a long and happy marriage!

What is a Social(ly Responsible) Butterfly?

Quite simply: it's a cross between a social butterfly and one who is socially responsible. Put them together and you've got one great host(ess) who throws one heck of a party, all while doing his/her part to save the planet. Now don't let us scare you off. We're not preaching blandness and minimalism. We don't expect you to treat your guests to wheat grass smoothies and dismally gray recycled paper napkins. It is possible to be lavish and elegant AND be eco-friendly. Hence, the Socially Responsible Butterfly. Just look for the butterfly logo throughout our blog and website to indicate an opportunity to make your event green and grand!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ashland/Addison Florist Co.

Need a florist? Or do you want to send a friend, girlfriend, co-worker, parent, or cousin a little token of your appreciation?

Check out Ashland/Addison Florist Co. Their flowers are just beautiful and last so long!

They have great eco-friendly options which we just love at WGIC! Sign up for their Reuse/Recycle Program where they collect your reusable vases, floral containers, and baskets - and will even DONATE $3 to the organization of your choice for every 5 containers you bring in!

They also have a beautiful Go Green Bouquet in a vase that is eco-friendly and biodegradable!

Check out the pictures below and their full gallery of wedding images

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Modern Image Studios - New Location!

WGIC's preferred vendor Modern Image Studios has just opened a new location here in the city at 1901 N. Clybourn. MIS is a bridal photography/videography company that has been selected for The Knot's Best of Wedding Magazine for the last three years in a row!

Check out MIS's list of services and their photo gallery here


Monday, August 24, 2009

Rumba - 351 W Hubbard

WGIC recently attended a birthday celebration at Rumba, 351 W Hubbard, and we couldn't wait to share our thoughts with you. From the ornate, rich interior to the exquisite food and salsa dancing - we simply had a blast!

Check out their menu, entertainment, history, and hours of operation here!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

2010 Windy City Gator Club Golf Tournament

WGIC's Katie Karakosta has the great honor of being the Social Events Chair, and lead planner for the Windy City Gator Club, the local chapter of the University of Florida Alumni Association (both of our lead planners attended UF so it comes as no surprise that handling Gator events is right up our alley!).

We are currently in the beginning stages of planning the 2010 Windy City Gator Club Golf Tournament. Because this is a non-profit organization, resources are limited. Sponsors and donors will need to be contacted in order to elicit the funds necessary to pull off a successful event.

Our cause is simple: we are raising money for the UFAA Scholarship Fund to give deserving individuals a chance at a higher education and a shot at chasing their dreams. If you would like to help by way of donations or sponsorships please contact
Check back regularly for updates on our planning progress!

What we're doing now - 10 months out:

1. Gather information from last year's event - assess what did and did not work
2. Discuss with Windy City Gator Club Board of Directors what promotional and marketing strategies to use during football season to drum up event interest

3. Contact area golf courses for rate information and to schedule site visits

4. Decide on a final date for June 2010

5. Create budget template/s

6. Create registrant/sponsor/donor letter templates

Friday, August 21, 2009

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Special Favor Post

Building on our post from 7/31 about event favors, WGIC wanted to do a special post for an aspect of events that is so important, favors! ~ 1154 Lill is such a great idea for very special favors/gifts (And they're offering a special 20% off deal right now that can't be beat!).

1154 Lill is a purse making shop and just could not be any cuter! This idea is great for bridesmaids, but also wonderful for welcome gifts, room drops, and mothers/mothers-in-law gifts. Whoever you are shopping for the greatest part of 1154 Lill is the fact that you can include your guests in the creation of their gift, for example a 'purse party'! If you chose to pick out the designs yourself, you can add additional gifts to each purse once the final product is complete creating a special, unique gift customized to your girls!

Click on the picture above to visit the 1154 Lill website!

You should note that most bags take a few weeks to finalize so someone will need to return to the store to make the final pick up. WGIC suggests selecting a date at least two months in advance for your 'purse-making' event to ensure your bags are ready before your big day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'Save the Date' Magnets

Help save the environment while you tell your guests to 'Save the Date'! StD magnets are in this wedding season, and we couldn't love them more here at We've Got It! Chicago! Instead of using paper 'Save the Dates' that will most likely be thrown away, your guests will be able to use your magnets for years to come. They will also help serve as reminder of your big day!

We've found that more times than not 'Save the Date' magnets end up less expensive than their paper counterparts. They come in hundreds of different colors and patterns and you can even put a picture on them or upload your very own design. The possibilities are endless!

A few of our favorites are below: has so many super cute designs already laid out for you and will run you around $0.95/magnet for 100 magnets (return addressed envelopes and magnet holders also available for additional costs). Here is one of our absolute favorites - totally customizable to what you and your groom LOOK like!

VistaPrint has some seriously great deals. You are required to do more of the designing, but if you're looking to stick to your budget the difference in price is huge. Totals come to some where along the lines of $0.50/magnet with free shipping! What a steal!

Have you used 'Save the Date' magnets for your wedding? Send us a picture!

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Places for Breakfast Meetings or Group Brunches - Courtesy of 'BizBash Chicago'

I just read a great article from BizBash Chicago and had to share it!

The article features three restaurants around town that are great spots for breakfast meetings or group brunches - I personally would eat at all three all by myself! I live in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area and pass by Jane's almost every day. I also can't wait to try Pannenkoeken Cafe when it opens later this month as I've heard some serious buzz about the original location from friends and colleagues.

The new addition at Jane's Restaurant

Check out the third location and details about all three HERE.

Bon App├ętit!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events in Chicago are what we live for. Because winter is so long and dreary it's nice to be outside whenever possible. So why not throw your next event under the sky!

We've made a list of 6 things you should keep in mind when planning an outdoor event:

1. Time of year
Now if you live in Chicago, this one is a given, but there are many things to think about when picking a date: weather, hours of natural light, and wind to name a few. Take into consideration average temperatures for any particular time of year. But, you must always keep in mind that weather in Chicago is rarely predictable and can change faster than you can blink!

2. Location
Location also has a lot to do with weather. If you are near the lake you must take wind into serious consideration, more so than if you were not. It is also very important for other reasons: Be sure the location you choose has areas of shade if your event is during the summer months and areas to warm up if you chose an event date during the Spring or Fall. I would suggest walking the ground before your event and definitely make sure all animal waste is removed prior to your event. It's also a good idea to take measurements of the area you will be in just in case something changes last minute you can always be sure that what you are adjusting is going to fit!

3. Food
For summer months keep your serving sizes smaller and serve cooler menu items, make sure there are plenty drink options for guests to stay hydrated. During the spring and fall months serve warmer foods to help keep your guests comfortable, it is also okay to increase portion sizes a bit during these months.

4. Light/Power
Be sure that when the sun goes down you have the power source to light your event. Go green by using candles to light all or part of your event - but make sure that they're protected from wind. If you're going to use light bulbs of some sort make sure that your venue has sufficient outlets and in convenient locations so that you can light all areas to the desired level. Keeping the lights dimmer helps to save on energy usage/costs and it sets a very romantic mood! The lanterns pictured below are great and come in so many fun colors!

5. Bugs
Bugs stink! But they can be controlled if you think ahead. The Botanic Bug Deterrent works over a large area and is safe on the environment, which we love! Another reason we like it is because no bugs are harmed. If the BBD is out of your price range having sufficient citronella candles on hand can make all the difference. You may also choose to use a bug zapper (which, in our opinion, is kind of unappetizing!), or other technique to rid bugs of your area. Whatever method you use, be sure it works. Bugs are the last thing you want to steal your show!

6. Have a Backup Plan!
This is very important. If you're throwing a BBQ or backyard party make sure your house has room enough to fit all guests comfortably. If you're using a venue around town work with your planner to ensure there is a plan if the weather does not cooperate. Have an inside location that is dedicated solely to your event. Most venues include a small, inside area with the purchase of an outdoor one but it is always good to make this clear during the negotiations and in your event contract.

Did you have an outdoor event recently? If so, let us know how your planning went and what advice you found helpful!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Caipirinha - Great Summer Drink

recently had the pleasure of attending a wonderful summer birthday celebration and I just loved the drink that was served. I had previously never heard of it before but was totally sold after the first sip. It is called Caipirinha and is made with the Brazilian liquor Cachaca.
We've Got It! Chicago

Do you have a recipe that you love during the summer? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

This is a strong drink and is to be sipped slowly, not gulped. Yet this lime and sugar mixture is incredibly refreshing; great for an outdoor party or BBQ on a beautiful summer day in Chicago!

There are three major ingredients needed for the Caipirinha. The following recipe is what I thought were the best levels of each - Enjoy!

Cachaca (ca-sha-sa). Not available at all liquor stores, Dominics on Chicago Ave. in Bucktown carries it - will run you about $30 per bottle

Lime. Lots of limes are needed for this drink. Stanley's Produce on North and Elston usually runs a great deal of 10 limes for $1. Cut limes in half, then quarter each half. Use four pieces (1/2 a lime) per drink.

Brown Sugar. The amount needed for each drink depends on your individual taste. This is because the sugar offsets the strength of the other ingredients. A large teaspoon is usually sufficient.

Ice. Crushed ice works best, enough to fill serving glass 3/4 of the way full.

Muddle. Used to mix the drink

Glass. Having two works best

Starting with the glass the drink will be served in, fill 3/4 of the way with crushed ice. In separate glass, add limes and brown sugar. Muddle until all sugar is dissolved. Add 1 1/2 ounces of Cachaca. Muddle briefly. Pour mixture into serving cup (over ice). Muddle until limes are pressed to bottom of cup.

CHEERS! - It's that simple