What is a Social(ly Responsible) Butterfly?

Quite simply: it's a cross between a social butterfly and one who is socially responsible. Put them together and you've got one great host(ess) who throws one heck of a party, all while doing his/her part to save the planet.

Now don't let us scare you off. We're not preaching blandness and minimalism. We don't expect you to treat your guests to wheat grass smoothies and dismally gray recycled paper napkins. It is possible to be lavish and elegant AND be eco-friendly. Hence, the Socially Responsible Butterfly. Just look for the butterfly logo (shown above) throughout our blog and website to indicate an opportunity to make your event green and grand!

For us, being Socially Responsible Butterflies isn't just about talking the talk. It's also about walking the walk.  Here's what we're doing to make your events more fabulous while help the Earth:

In the Office
  • We use public transit or our bikes to make deliveries, run errands, and get to appointments. In fact, we use private transportation very rarely--usually only on the day of an event when carting around lots of supplies.
  • We use post-consumer recycled paper for our printers and recycle our ink cartridges.
  • We recycle every product we can and compost our food scraps.
  • We conserve energy by utilizing natural light and opening windows when we can. Our appliances are unplugged when not in use to prevent energy waste.
  • Our files are all online so as not to waste excessive amounts of paper printing every page. (Don't worry, our files are backed up!)
  • We find creative ways to repurpose common objects to keep them out of the landfill. (Our pens on our desk are in a repurposed soup can, covered with beautiful decorative scrapbook paper.)
  • We research the latest eco-technologies to ensure that we're being as eco-friendly as we can be.
  • We compile databases of amazing local green vendors to help make your event as Earth-conscious as possible.

At Your Event
  • We encourage and promote the use of local green vendors who ascribe to the same eco-values as we do.
  • We help you find beautiful recycled paper invitations (or design a paperless invite online). 
  • We work with caterers to create a menu of local organic seasonal foods to give your guests the best-tasting and healthiest meal they've ever experienced!
  • We seek out venues who offer energy-saving features like large windows for natural lighting.
  • We offer options for off-setting the carbon footprint of your event.
  • We assist you in designing and selecting favors and gifts that are manufactured in a sustainable way.
  • We encourage the use of reusable decor, and we recycle, reuse, and repurpose the leftovers from your event.
  • We stay up on the latest events trends and how theses trends can translate into the world of green events so you can throw the hippest green party around!