Saturday, February 26, 2011

Invite Spotlight - Foosie Design

We love Having an early Spring wedding? Looking for simple, yet chic paper products to accent your big day?
Then our Spotlight Design is perfect for you.  The maggie & bradley features gorgeous curves with a soft, yet rustic look.  If you're planning an outdoor wedding in the mountains, these would be perfect!

We can help you with all customizing; from your font colors to the weight of the paper, all for FREE!  If you are in need of Save-the-Dates, Place Cards, Menu Cards, Invites, etc. for your upcoming wedding, check out our website and click 'wedding'.

What's Happening, Chicago?    (February 26)
       1. International Kennel Club of Chicago - Show Times

Friday, February 25, 2011

Event Recap - Summer 2010 Series (3 of 3)

Steven Gross
Real Life Weddings

We know it's well into late winter and a whole new year, but we're still tickled to see these pictures! Thanks Nara and Raj :)

All photos by Steven Gross of Real Life Weddings

Steve Gross
Real Life Weddings

Steven Gross
Real Life Weddings

Steven Gross
Real Life Weddings

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's Happening in Chicago today?

We're starting a new feature here at WGIC, called 'What's Happening, Chicago?'.

At the end of 2-3 posts per week we'll include information about local parties, concerts, festivals, and other events throughout the city.  Let us know what you think.

Have an event you want us to include? Email us.

What's Happening, Chicago  (February 24)
       1. Ke$ha, House of Blues @ 6:30pm - Tickets
       2. Restaurant Week

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicago Restaurant Week 2011

We love attending different events throughout the area, and one of our favorites is here, Restaurant Week!  Presented by the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, this year's event highlights over 200 restaurants offering special prix fixe menus around $22 for lunch and $33 to $44 for dinner.

While this isn't a traditional event (one day, one location), it is something that's fun to be a part of and something fantastic about our city. 

Chicago is known for it's delicious diversity and what better way to find a new favorite hot spot?!  Check out the Restaurant Week Blog for daily updates and reviews, look over participating restaurants' Menus and make your Reservations today.

Guten Appetit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Festival Schedule - It's Here!


The 2011 Chicago Summer Festival schedule has been posted, and we're finding it hard to focus on anything else these days!

Who doesn't love a hot, sticky weekend with tons of places to go and foods to eat?!  Or being outside, enjoying all our great city has to offer?

It all kicks off with the Cinco de Mayo Festival May 6-8th. Check out the full list of festival dates HERE, and mark your calendars for some fantastic summer nights.

Happy ALMOST Summer-time everyone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

How To: Tissue Paper Flowers

Saving money is hard to do. But throwing a beautiful event does not mean having to break the bank. There are many ways to save a few dollar$ and impress your guests. We do have to admit, most of the time this does means putting in a little extra elbow grease - but that's the fun part!

One great way to remain under budget, fake flowers. Most hear fake, anything, and cringe. Not the case with Tissue Paper flowers. With so many different patterns, colors and sizes to mix and match, (as we like to say) the possibilities are endless. And with 100% recycled paper now available, you can honor your budget and our planet!

Supplies You'll Need

1.  Tissue Paper

2. Green Wire (stem)

3. Scissors

Here's our 'How To' to Perfectly Festive Flowers

1. Fold one piece of Tissue Paper accordion-style, each fold roughly 1'' thick

2. depending on the size of flower you want, cut accordion strip into segments (flowers shown are 4 segments per sheet of Tissue Paper)

3. Cut two 1/2'' slits in the middle of each segment

4. String thin wire through slits of paper, fold wire in half and twist wire to form 'stem'

5. Separate folds of the Tissue Paper using your fingertips in a back and forth pattern, molding into a beautiful flower

Happy President's Day

Presidents' Day, originally known as Washington's Birthday, falls on the third Monday of February.  We hope you all have the day off and are enjoying our great city.

Events Happening Around Chicago (February 21)
          1.  Parkway Drive Preform - 5:30pm, House of Blues