Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is here!

It's official, Spring is here! And it's time to get organized...

Open your windows, shake off the cobwebs and fix yourself a drink because it is Sprint Time in Chicago. That distinct smell of rebirth has come once again. Congratulations, you've made it through another brutal winter and now it's time to celebrate. One great way to kick off this spring clensing is to rearrange. Pick a room, any room, and move stuff around. Move your couch to a different wall; you might end up with some extra, usable space. Get rid of the heavy, dingy blanket and add a simple centerpiece or picture. This novel placement is also great at providing some much needed mental stimulation. So take advantage of the lingering sunshine and reorganize your world this April with three easy steps: purge, repurpose, and recycle.
1. Purge
After you've changed things up you might find that you just had too much stuff. This is good! Now it's time to decide:
throw away
Some items have run their course: socks with tears, rugs with stains, or holiday decorations. Recharge this spring with a fresh, simple approach. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter, you'll thank yourself later.

Gently used clothes and furniture can be dropped off at a nearby Goodwill. Many items can be given away for free on Craig's List. Perhaps a friend or relative could use picture frames or knick knacks you don't have space for anymore.
2. Repurpose
If, when you're done tossing and donating, you still find yourself with a few pieces that you're just not ready to part with don't worry, just repurpose! Sand and paint that nightstand that no longer works in the bedroom and use it as a new end table by the couch. With a quick trip to your local nursery you can repot and relocate your favorite household plant to spruce up the color scheme in any room.
3. Don't forget to RECYCLE! Even things that no one wants or needs can still be 'reused' by being reclycled. Check out Chicago Recycling Coalition's list of ways to reuse all sorts of household products.

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