Monday, May 18, 2009

Cinco de Mayo - Event Recap

We’ve got it! Chicago had the great pleasure of planning a Cinco de Mayo party last weekend and WHAT A BLAST! From the Mexican flag and sombreros to the sangria and the piñata this was a fiesta tailored to our host.

Our Host, Tom, a 28 year old male living in Bucktown wanted to throw a Cinco de Mayo party that he could invite his boss and his buddies to. With a full time job, Tom, left it to We’ve Got It! Chicago to develop the final details for his classy fiesta!

Here are a few of the FUN and simple ideas that we used for Tom’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta:

*We kept the food simple. We used a mixture of traditional Mexican favorites and a few new recipes that all fell under the appetizer category to ensure prep time was minimal. We also made sure to have plenty of red and white sangria on hand!

*We went Green – at least a little. One very easy way to go green is using eco-friendly invitations (we used Evite).

*We decorated, subtly. Using green, white, and red tissue paper we made “fresh” flowers (we hung them individually around the house but these flowers are also great to bunch together for a dramatic center piece).

*We got into it. Mexican Candles were placed throughout the house to add color and ambiance, a large Mexican flag was hung on a main wall of the house to catch the eyes of Tom’s guests and we also purchase 3 Sombreros that were offered to the first guests of the night!

*We took it outside. A Bags Tournament was set up outside complete with great Mexican prizes (we used a nice bottle of Tequila!). This helped to spread the crowd throughout the venue and gave Tom’s guests some options on activities.

*We had a Main Event. By far the highlight of the party was the PINATA!! Purchased from a local party store and stuffed with age appropriate goodies this seemingly innocent Mexican tradition really got the party going – and was our Host’s favorite part of the night!

We’ve Got It! Chicago had a great time with Tom and his guests and look forward to more great parties this summer.


Do you have a great idea that you used for a Mexican Fiesta, let us know about it!

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  1. sounds like soooo much fun. Wish I could have been there!