Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ask a Planner: Wedding Colors


My fiance and I are getting married next August. I am having a bit of a hard time choosing a colour scheme, and I'm wondering if you could send me a few ideas! I really love purple. My favourite is probably warm plum purple.

Please help! :)

Our Response:

Hi Emily,

We predict the colors for 2011 will be bold; considering your love for purple, here are our ideas:

Idea #1: We've always loved Purple and Silver/Gray together, it's sharp and modern. Throw in a few Light Blue (or Light Pink) accents and you've got an elegant, crisp look.  Add shimmer or crystals to really make your wedding shine!

 Idea #2: For a summer wedding we think deep plum and mint would be beautiful. Add accents of Chocolate or Cream (or both) and viola! Instant beauty.  What we love most about these colors is that you can bring in many natural details such as cork, tree branches, or burlap.

 Idea #3: If you really love purple, try Plum and Lavender (or Lilac) together. Each purple helps to accent the other and make the white really pop. Bring in sparkle, shimmer or crystals here as well to create a dream wedding.  

Idea #4: Lastly, and you might think we're crazy, but Deep Purple (or even a Lavender) and Orange is something we're really into right now. We say, go ahead, be bold :) Do something different, something no one would have thought of, something that will make everyone remember your big day!

We hope this helps, Emily!

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