Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We love this idea.  Almost everyone is involved in at least one Secret Santa give-away each year. Whether it's for work or the family, it's almost inevitable!

Well this year, we've found a way to make the gift giving as easy as pie. is the online Secret Santa mecca.  Just enter everyone's name and email address and click DRAW and the program RANDOMLY matches names.  With everyone being so busy these days, having an online version of SS is uber convenient!

Benefits of
1. You can post links to your 'wish list' so your Secret Santa has no trouble finding what you really want this year 
2. You can anonymously ask your gift recipient questions to help you buy
3. You can FB Connect. Meaning you can post to through Facebook and even use your Facebook profile picture as your photo.
4. Names are stored and can be used again next year - saves you the time and hassle of re-entering information
5. It's FREE!!
6. It's Green! No paper pieces being wasted to pull names :)  Every little bit helps.

Start your own Elfster community at today!

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