Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beers and Tears Tuesday

With the new season of The Biggest Loser returning to NBC (7pm), our Beers and Tears Tuesday events are back!!  As many of you might know, we invite a few friends over (everyone is responsible for the Spirit of their choice AND a light appetizer - though the level of healthiness varies from week to week :)), we laugh and cry with our favorite contestants, talk about the mystery players and the new trainers. 

But the best part about our B&TT's is that we make an event out of it.  It gets all us girls together once a week in a easygoing, fun way where we can forget about work and just enjoy each other's company. And this got us thinking about some other fun ways to break up the work week.

Here are our thoughts:

TV Tonight: Don't like Biggest Loser? Pick another show. The Bachelor always provides some good gossip opportunities.  Jersey Shore. Real Housewives. Are your friends more serious, what about Law & Order: SVU? Just pick something you all like and boom - an event is born.

Award Show: Is every week too often for you? What about once a month for an award show?  While these shows are rarely during the week, this might work better for you and your friends. Dish about what everyone is wearing, who's showing up with who or even take bets on who's going to win. Make it extra fancy, dress and pour some champagne.

Game Night: Pick a night that works for every one's schedule, pick a place (same house each week, alternate, or even pick a restaurant with a small event space (more times than not they won't charge you if you eat/drink while playing)), and find a few board games. It's that easy.  You can even change up the theme every week: did you grow up in the 80's? Try Trouble, Operation, Connect Four, Battle Ship, or GIRL TALK!! Trivial Pursuit is always a good mind-bender and who doesn't love Monopoly or Scrabble?  Visit Boardgamegeek.com for more games than you'll know what to do with.

New Recipe Night: Everyone has to make dinner, right. Well, you might as well make it together! Leave your kiddos with the hubby tonight and start to enjoy cooking again. Exchange recipes, techniques, appliances, and laughs. Try that new Barefoot Contessa or Giada de Laurentiis recipe.

All suggestions/ideas above are fun, low-budget ways to host events without breaking the bank (with the exception perhaps of Game Night at a restaurant).  Have you started an economical event tradition? Share it with us below! 

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