Monday, February 21, 2011

How To: Tissue Paper Flowers

Saving money is hard to do. But throwing a beautiful event does not mean having to break the bank. There are many ways to save a few dollar$ and impress your guests. We do have to admit, most of the time this does means putting in a little extra elbow grease - but that's the fun part!

One great way to remain under budget, fake flowers. Most hear fake, anything, and cringe. Not the case with Tissue Paper flowers. With so many different patterns, colors and sizes to mix and match, (as we like to say) the possibilities are endless. And with 100% recycled paper now available, you can honor your budget and our planet!

Supplies You'll Need

1.  Tissue Paper

2. Green Wire (stem)

3. Scissors

Here's our 'How To' to Perfectly Festive Flowers

1. Fold one piece of Tissue Paper accordion-style, each fold roughly 1'' thick

2. depending on the size of flower you want, cut accordion strip into segments (flowers shown are 4 segments per sheet of Tissue Paper)

3. Cut two 1/2'' slits in the middle of each segment

4. String thin wire through slits of paper, fold wire in half and twist wire to form 'stem'

5. Separate folds of the Tissue Paper using your fingertips in a back and forth pattern, molding into a beautiful flower

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