Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Planning fabulous events gives us at WGIC the wonderful opportunity to exercise and express our creative sides.  And as much as I love, before yesterday it never dawned on me to put some of the items I've created for said fabulous events up on the equally fabulous site.

Well that all changed when I was rummaging through a storage closet yesterday and came across a few extra letters I created for Nayomi's First Birthday Party last Spring.  Because the letters make great, personalized favors for any child's birthday party we decided to make them available to everyone!  Visit our new 'Store' and view our Lovely Letters at to personalize your very own.

Don't have a birthday party coming up - don't worry - you can spell out your child's name for their bedroom/bathroom/playroom, spell your Family Name on the mantel or have just a first initial hanging from a bedroom door.

They're great for all over the house!

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