Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ombre Cakes

One trend I'm loving right now (and really have for a while now) is using many shades of one color, or ombré. While still picking two or three main colors for your wedding or event, try singling out one of those hues and varying the saturation.  Purple is a really great color to try this with, as is green. Below are some pictures of cakes that have incorporated this design technique, just fantastic!!

This was the inspiration cake for this post, sort of! I saw a larger version
(4 tiers by [NineCakes.com]) in the Spring 2011 'The Knot' Mag. The one
pictured above is [Maggie Austin].

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! [pretty little wedding things]

 Try using textures with your hues. This adds a dramatic elegance.
[Martha Stewart Weddings] If you're adventurous, click source link
for the recipe!

This is one of my favorites. Simple, yet fabulous!
[Madly Stylish Events]

Love the apple! Shapes can also contribute and
help tie in a fabulous theme [Half Baked, Miso Bakes]

[pretty little wedding things]
If you're really creative, you can even
ombré the inside! [Style Me Pretty]

Try the ombré trend for BM dresses or even florals!  What color do you think this technique would look best in?  

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