Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Traditions

With Christmas just 2 days away, we've been thinking a lot about holiday traditions lately.  Every family has them, and as we change and grow we add new traditions.  For example, each year my husband and I exhange ornaments.  We buy an ornament that has something to do with the past year. This helps our ornament collection grow and it's a wonderful way to document our time together. 

Traditions can vary from songs sung to different food eaten or other practices.  And we love them all.  So often it's easy to get wrapped up (literally) in the material aspects of the holiday, but thinking about traditions keeps us grounded.  So, tell us about your favorite holiday traditions. What special things does your family do to celebrate?  Feel free to send in your favorite traditions (and include some pictures, if you want), and we'll feature our favorites in our blog to share with all of our readers.

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