Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red Hot!

As part of our Wedding Wednesday series on color, we've already shown you some bold brides who opted not to wear white and we've shown you where you can find colorful inspiration for your wedding.  Today we kick off our weekly posting of colorful inspiration boards with the color red. 

Red hot red is a very diverse color that can be used for many styles of weddings throughout the year.  Red can represent a romantic Valentine's day affair or a festive winter wedding.  Paired with playful patterns in a rustic setting, red can be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. Accent it with deep oranges and golds, and red is perfect for fall nuptuals. 

We hope when you're planning your wedding, these images will have you seeing red . . . in the best way possible!

So there you have it: six red hot idea boards to heat up your wedding planning! 

Are you planing on using red in your color palette?  Did you use red on your big day?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about it or send us an email with a photo to!

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