Monday, May 17, 2010

Is an Event Planner Worth the Money?

As a planner, that's something I hear a lot.  The answer is yes, but I bet you were expecting that.  But instead of just saying yes, I'd like to tell you a story from my wedding day. 

Being a planner myself, I scoffed at the idea of hiring one for my wedding. I planned everything, and everything was going smoothly until we arrived at the ceremony site and saw the flowers.  The florist I had been working with for months decided to quit on the morning of my wedding, so his associates scrambled to interpret his notes and do the best they could. The flowers, while not what I ordered, were lovely and usable. However, the ribbon binding them was not. It was gaudy and did not match the flowers or the motif of the wedding. A change had to be made quickly. 

Beautiful . . . but not what I ordered.
[photo by Amantez Photography]

By that time of the day, the florist's shop had already closed. I had ribbon at my house that would work, so I asked one of my bridesmaids to go and pick it up for me.  She agreed and we fixed the bouquets just in time.  Everything did work out for me, but not the way it should have. 

So how would it have been different if I'd hired an event planner?  Well, for one, the whole problem would have been avoided because a planner would have been at the ceremony site when the flowers arrived hours before I did. She would have seen the error and had it corrected before the florist closed shop for the day.  Or if ribbon needed to be fetched from my house last-minute, she could have sent an assistant or gone herself so my bridesmaid could have spent time relaxing with me.

The bottom line is, an event planner is like insurance. You may never get in a car accident, but it's worth it to know that you have protection if you do.  It's piece of mind.  Your day may be perfect (and not just in your eyes), but if something does go wrong, a planner is there to fix it so you can enjoy the event.

If you have a question about how an event planner can help make your event run smoothly, email us at We're happy to help. 

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  1. Great article! I agree, you can get by and plan an event by yourself, but just in case...I think I would rather get a planner! That is great that you were able to fix the ribbon just in time! If you are looking for a great event planning company, I really like