Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Contest

One of our favorite clients came to us not too long ago with a very special request.  A friend of hers will be holding a 40th Birthday celebration for her husband; a birthday (and party) that falls the day before Halloween.  How fun, right!?  Our client's friend had the great idea to have a costume contest to spice things up - that's where we come in.  We were given the wonderful task of creating a Ballot Box and Ballots for said, creepy contest. 

The theme of the party is old Paris; decor colors being black and purple, with hints of an earthy orange.  We love Halloween here at WGIC (the party possibilities are just endless and so Spooktakularly (yes, it's a word!) delightful), so we couldn't wait to take on the project.

AND, we couldn't wait to share with you, enjoy!  (Please excuse our far-from-perfect photography skills)

Need paper products of some sort, design ideas or assembly help?  Give us a call and we'll develop something special, just for you!

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