Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and even though the month is almost over it doesn't mean the giving/awareness has to be.  Thinking pink also got us thinking about about a great new trend we're seeing at weddings these days: Donations in lieu of wedding gifts or wedding favors.

We love this idea here at WGIC because it's not only green (eliminating the packaging and wrapping of the more traditional gifts given), it's inspiring.  The economy has hit everyone hard in the last few years including very needy charitable organizations.  Research shows when we give of ourselves, life satisfaction, self-realization and physical health is significantly improved.  So in our eyes it's a win/win!

Another great byproduct of asking your guests to donate to your favorite charity (is there a cause you feel strongly about? The prevention of cruelty to animals, Breast Cancer Awareness, feeding the hungry, bringing clean water to those without...) you give each guest the option to choose an amount that works for their current situation.  With many struggling to just make ends meet, this is a great benefit. 

If you prefer to be the ones making the charitable donation in your guests honor (in lieu of traditional favors), consider this great website we found, TisBest Philanthropy
It works like a gift card, except that instead of using it to buy stuff in a store, the recipient spends it to support a charity of their choice. You are the donor and your recipient chooses the charity!

How it works:
1) You buy a Charity Gift Card online. TisBest Philanthropy holds your donation in a specific bank account.

2) You give the Charity Gift Card as a favor, (made from 100% recycled content, or course! And you can even upload your own photo on the cards - how fun!).

3) Your gift recipient visits the TisBest Philanthropy website and chooses a charity to receive your donation.

Whether you and your partner choose to make the donations or you leave that to your guests, giving to others is always great in our eyes.  What a great way to have your wedding really make a positive impact on the world!  

Happy Donating!

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