Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Break the Bank

It seems these days that everyone is pinching pennies. Recession sounds a lot like depression, but don't worry, your next event doesn't have to be sad and gloomy. There are many ways to be thrifty and still have a great event, even in our current economy. Whether you're planning a huge corporate event or a small fete at home, follow these tips to trim your budget.

*Send e-vites: By emailing your invitations, you're saving not only the cost of the paper they are printed on, but also the cost of postage. At .43 a stamp, the savings can really add up. Plus, it's much easier to be creative with your invites when they are online without worrying about the high cost of printing in multiple colors or with special effects. (We especially like this idea because it's also eco-friendly.)

*Use what you've got: Don't be afraid to mix and match plates and flatware. It doesn't have to be a perfect match to work perfectly for you. Arrange plates, cups and forks in a funky manner and guests will be impressed, even if no two people have a matching set.

*Go with what's in season: When it comes to food or flowers, what's in season is always cheaper. Going out of season means you're paying big bucks to have something shipped to your area. Plus, seasonal foods taste much better as they are freshest. Going seasonally also enables you to hit up local farmers' markets where you can find great deals and may be able to create a lasting relationship with certain vendors (which comes in handy next time you need fresh produce or flowers).

*Ebay, Craigslist, and Freecycle: There are thousands of other hip hosts out there who have probably thrown a similar party recently. And what are they doing with all the decor? They probably aren't interested in hanging on to 250 small glass votives. Nope. Instead, they are selling these items at a super discount online. By cruising online selling sites, you can find the perfect items at a fraction of the price. And the best part about it, you can sell it to someone else when you're done, which means even more money in your pocket!

*Turn off the lights: Instead of using low-watt bulbs or dimmers, turn off the lights all together and use candles to set the mood.

*Buy your own booze: A stocked bar can be an expensive feature to hire for your party. Instead of leaving it up to the caterer, buy your own booze at a whole-sale club and hire a couple bartenders from your favorite local bar. Most bartenders are happy to make some extra cash on the side, and it can be a lot cheaper than using a caterers bar staff.

*Serve a custom drink: Another way to save on booze is to offer up a signature drink. Instead of a fully-stocked liquor bar, offer beer, wine and one custom drink designed specifically for your event. That way you won't be splurging for alcohol that may or may not get served. Try Webtender for some great drink ideas (the "In My Bar" feature is great!)

There you have it: seven easy ways to save some money at your next party. Do you have a simple way to save? Leave us a comment about how you've taken an easy step to saving some dough and we'll be happy to share your ideas with our readers.

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