Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hightower Experience

Do you have friends or family coming in to town? What are you going to do with them? Here are two ways to showcase your city and yourself!

1. Put together a map

Your guests may not be very familiar with the area so any map would be helpful, but why not go the extra mile? Put together a detailed guide for your special visitors using Google.com/maps.

Click on the "my maps" tab to get started. Put a thumb tack on your house so they know where home base is, link your favorite restaurants' websites so your friends can check out the location and the menu, point out major landmarks, museums, theaters or parks in your neighborhood, as well as downtown.

Do your guests have GPS and internet enabled phones? If so they can have you and your map as their own personal tour guide at all times. And by using thier phone you are helping your guests go green by eliminating the need to use ink and paper for printing!

2. Create an Itinerary
If you are unable to get off of work for all of the days your houseguests are going to be in town (or if you just want everyone to be on the same page, which we love!), it is helpful to create an itinerary. Letting your guest's know your schedule before hand helps to ensure everyone's time is used wisely. This itinerary can be as detailed or as minimal as you wish. Let them know what time you usually get off of work or what time you made dinner reservation at your favoite restaurant. This is also a good place to include links to helpful websites such as: The map you created for them, the CTA Trip Planner, where to buy CTA Transit Passes, and the CTA Bus Tracker.

Other useful information you might want to include: flight information, typical weather for the time of year guests are visiting, and distances between major sites.

Click the links below for an example of a map using google.com/maps and an itinerary:
Hightower Experience - Map
Hightower Experience - Itinerary

Do you have an idea on how to make your guests visit more exciting, eventful, easier, safer, more economical, etc? Let us know about it!

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