Monday, April 20, 2009

Throw a Party for Earth Day

Earth day is this Wednesday (April 22) and here at WGIC, we think that’s something to celebrate. This is a great opportunity to plan a fun party and put some of our best eco-friendly ideas to use. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for celebrating Earth Day in an earth-friendly way.

Instead of sending traditional invitations, why not send an invitation that can be planted? Using these templates, why not design a fun, festive invitation label and stuff it with a pack of your favorite wildflower seeds. After the party, the guests can plant the seeds as a reminder of the fun day you all shared. As a bonus, be sure to use recycled paper for your seed packet labels.

The Venue
We think Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate out in nature, so take your party outdoors to a local park. Better yet, do double duty by hosting a volunteer effort to clean up your local park or plant a tree there. (Be sure to check with local authorities before planting anything.) Then celebrate your volunteerism with a special thank you picnic for all of the helpers.

Organic, natural and wholesome recipes seem to fit best with an Earth Day celebration, but for an extra special treat, why not serve your guests a flowery dessert like this one ? Easy and delicious, these flower pot ice cream desserts will wow your guests while keeping with the natural theme of the earth.

Activities / Favors
Instead of typical party games, why not spend the afternoon creating something for your guests to use? Supply them with ceramic flower pots and an assortment of non-toxic paints and let each guest decorate a pot in which to grow their invitation seeds. Check out these pots on for some groovy inspiration.

Or create rain barrels for guests to use, following simple directions found here. Or try a nature scavenger hunt. Give guests a list of items (on recycled paper, of course) and let them have fun running around finding everything. Be sure to give each team a reusable shopping bag to collect all their items. The winning team gets to go take home all of the shopping bags as a prize.

At the end of the party, just remember to leave the space clean and tidy just as you found it because the best way to celebrate the earth is by making a big impact on your guests and small impact on the planet.

How are you planning on celebrating Earth Day? Leave us a comment and let us know what fun and eco-friendly ideas you have for the day.

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