Friday, September 11, 2009

Bespoke Cuisine

As you know, WGIC had the opportunity to celebrate the Fork yesterday at the Savor event held at Bespoke Cuisine - and what a great time we had.

We learned a few things about the fork (and it's somewhat tumultuous past), cooking, and Bespoke Cuisine's capabilities as an event venue/caterer. Bespoke sits on Randolph Street just east of Ashland (1358 W Randolph St.), very close to the Illinois Medical District.

The space we were in last night housed a full commercial kitchen complete with space for multiple 'cooking' stations (utilized during the cooking party). The remaining event space was not large by any means, but had room for a small bar area and seating for 28-30 people - now you could always remove the bar and seat about 8-10 more people (**NOTE: Bespoke is BYOB). There was also a 'closet' area with room for purses, bags, and jackets while we were cooking.

While this particular area of Bespoke's Randolph location was limited in event space, we found that the availability of a full kitchen would be well worth trimming down a guest list.

The co-owners, Kim Shambrook and Jeannie Lukow opened Bespoke 8 years ago solely as a catering company. Kim, the Executive Chef, received her culinary training from Kendall College in Evanston.

Check out Bespoke's Manifesto to get an idea of what they're about

Our favorite - We believe that eating local, seasonal produce will make you one with the universe.
We'd have to agree!

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