Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goody Bags

One great way we love to incorporate all aspects of an event are with goody bags. WGIC is currently putting together goody bags for the TEAMiFIT/P.H.D Lifestyle Center Preview Party and we wanted to share some helpful tips for your next event.

Be sure to include at least one marketing or promotional piece for all vendors/sponsors involved in your event. Most vendors/sponsors will not have a problem providing these types of materials for you, but some persistent follow-up may be needed. (If yours is a private event you are free to put whatever you want inside, so have fun! Candy, gifts, pictures of the event, cookies, prizes, books, jewelery, etc. The possibilities are endless, but try keeping in line with your overall theme!)

Include all marketing/promotional pieces in a container that represents what you want your guests to know about your event. WGIC thrives to be Socially Responsible Butterflies and therefore plans socially responsible events, so we use try to use products that are as eco-friendly as possible (Check out for some ideas!). Your theme may be different: football party, or cooking get together, or maybe even a sports event. Try using a recycled bag, box, or other container in a new way to fit your theme. You can use reusable shopping bags, or backpacks, or even cute lunch bags to make your event a little more Green!
Don't forget to label your bag. If you're promoting your business, put your information on the outside. Most promotional companies can include logos on products or you can get stickers printed with your information and stick them right to your bags. (again if yours is a private event, what you can do with goody bags is really limitless - we've included a few more photos below for inspiration!).

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