Friday, January 8, 2010

Get Engaged!?

Christmas is a busy time of year. Not only for presents, Santa and parties, but also for engagements!! Studies show that as many as 26% of all marriage proposals happen during the months of November and December! That's 1 in 4!!! And while there are plenty of ways to ask, only one answer from her will do - YES!!!

If you are one of the lucky ladies this year, Congratulations! Now comes the fun part (at least we sure think so!).  With most marriages falling somewhere between eight and fourteen months after the proposal occurs, there is a ton of stuff to get together in a very short period of time!

We've put together a Sample Wedding Checklist for you, complete with what you should be thinking about and working on from beginning (the engagement) to end (the ceremony), and everything in between, of course.

Keep checking back as we count down the days to your perfect wedding!

12-16 Months Out

 Announce the News
In the Newspaper or via Phone Calls. If you want to be more personal than a phone call, Skype is a great, FREE online tool.  Seeing your mother's face when you give her the news is priceless! If you're not close enough to tell her in person, this is definitely the next best thing!

Create a Budget (and be honest with yourself here)

Discuss Ceremony Preferences with Your Fiancé/Develop and Overall Theme
This ceremony is for both of you (though you may not want to admit it!!). Be sure that your future hubby's personality gets to shines through too.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Take Engagement Photos
These may need to be a bit higher on your list if you wish to include them in your newspaper announcement.

Pick a Date
Places fill up quick, and when you find the venue of your dreams, letting it slip away is NOT an option. Choose a date, find a place, sign a contract!

This can get overwhelming, but thorough investigative tactics are necessary to make smart decisions. Look into:
          -venues (make sure to ask what they provide, if anything. Eg: linens, clean up, etc)
          -linens, etc.

Interview Vendors
If you wish to book their services be sure to discuss deposits and cancellation clauses.  Be sure to pass the agreement/contract over to your planner to ensure industry standards are upheld.

Pick Your Attendants
Whether you get creative or not, be sure to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen plenty of time to mark their calendars for your big day! If they are out of town friends discuss the amount of time you suggest they take off of work (welcome/rehearsal dinner, day after brunch, etc.), where they will stay, and who will be paying for what. Be upfront with all details!

Feel you need some help with your wedding planning? Well, we would love to! We've Got It! Chicago offers plenty of packages to perfectly fit your planning needs. Give us a call at 312-285-4544 to schedule a free consultation today.

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