Friday, January 15, 2010

Green Weddings Part 2: The Dress (& Other Attire)

Who knows why, but a wedding dress can be an obsessive focus for many brides.  Finding the perfect dress is an undertaking all its own that seems to consume the wedding-planning process.  But for what?  For one day, for just a few hours, that dress lives a glorious life, only to be relegated to a box under the bed or in the closet for the next 50 years. We're not suggesting you give up the notion of the "dream dress," but rather take a new approach to finding greener attire for your big day (metaphorically, of course...we still support white bridal gowns).

Go Pre-Owned: By wearing a gown that's already been gently used, you're not using any more resources to manufacture and ship a new dress.

*Borrow your gown from a friend or relative
*Try e-bay, craigslist, or to find a second-hand or vintage style dress. 

Be Less Traditional: There are all kinds of brides out there and not all wear a traditional white/ivory gown.  Opt for something more unique that can be worn again.

*Buy an evening gown or cocktail dress that suits your style. You'll save money and increase the odds   that you'll wear it again.
*If you still want white, find a dress than can be dyed or altered into a more everyday style so that you can wear it to future functions.

Other Green Tips: Looking for a more eco-friendly approach for both your dress and the attire of your wedding party? Look for clothing made from hemp, bamboo, tencel and peace silk. 

*Check out,, and for eco-friendly options.
*Rent your dress or have your bridesmaids do the same from that we featured on our blog here.
*Looking for eco-friendly jewelry for your rings and bridesmaid gifts? Check out Jewelry Week over at Earth Friendly Weddings.

Finally, whether you go tradtional or not with your attire, when it's time to say good-bye to your dress, think green.  Donate your gown to a chairty.  There are several who auction off dresses to raise money for women's issues like breast cancer and domestic abuse.  Or give your dress to a friend or relative to wear. Or resell it online so that it can continue to bring joy to another bride.

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