Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Go Bowling!

From the Meineke Car Care Bowl to the Super Bowl next month, some of the best games of the season are about to be played and we want to help you host the best Bowl Game Party ever.  This isn't just any old game-watching party, this is the big game, so pull out all the stops.  When planning a game-watching party, there's several key factors to consider.  We'll walk you through every little detail so you're sure to score a big victory.

Setting the Scene
Chances are, you're hosting your bowl game party at your home, and depending on your living situation, you may or may not have many options.  When setting up the party area, consider these things:

  • do you have enough seats for all the guests?
  • will all guests have a clear view of the TV and be able to hear ok?
  • is there a bad glare on the TV from the window?
  • will guests have access to end tables or coffee tables for setting down drinks and snacks?
  • is there an easy path to the food and restrooms so guests aren't constantly walking in front of the TV?
Food and Drinks
Game-watching parties give an easy theme for menus.  You can use the game, your team, or your opponent as your menu theme.  Here's a few examples:
  • If your team is the Chicago Bears, treat your guests to Chicago deep dish pizza or legendary Chi-town hot-dogs. 
  • If your team is playing in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, prepare traditional Cajun fare like etouffe, jambalaya and crawfish.
  • Or if you're team is playing the Miami Dolphins, why not serve up dolphin fish sandwiches?

You can also get creative with naming your menu items, like Buffalo Bills' Hot Wings or Alabama Slammer shots or Heisman Winning Chili Bar.

Set the mood for your big game party by decorating in team colors.  If you're a big fan of one of the teams, you're likely to go all out for that team. However, for games like the Super Bowl, where casual fans gather to root for either team, you can show spirit for both sides.  Pick napkins and plates the represent both teams in action.  Spread some shakers around the room for guests to get pumped up.  And be sure to have a couple of footballs on hand for a half-time scrimmage in the backyard.  Or check out your local party supply shop for a Super Bowl ring to award to the guest who comes closest to guessing the final score.

So what are your go-to plays for a game-watching party? Have you scored big with a Super Bowl party?  Leave a comment to tell us about what you've done.

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