Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Favors

Whether you're planning autumn nuptuals, a fall harvest party or just Thanksgiving dinner, it's nice to treat your guests to a small treat to thank them for coming. We've found some great fall favors that are easy and affordable and green!

Burlap Bulb Bundles

This easy how-to from Lowe's Creative Ideas is a simple way to say thanks.  This is one of our favorites.  Burlap is a fairly eco-friendly fabric, and is available in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate with your party motif.  By using recycled paper and local bulbs, this is the perfect green favor for your guests.

Mom's Apple Pie

Have you been hogging the family recipe for apple pie?  What better way to share the spirit of the season, then by sharing Mom's famous recipe.  Again, this idea uses burlap for packaging.  Take a family outing to pick apples then stuff the bags with your pickings.  Add in your favorite apple pie recipe (on recycled paper, of course).  Guests wil be thrilled that you're sharing a family recipe and giving them fresh apples to start their cooking endeavor off right.

Home-Made Preserves

Not everyone has extra time to cook favors when preparing for Thanksgiving, but if you do, why not share your preserves with your guests?  Recycled jars and beautiful custom labels make this a beautiful treat.  Or, if you're just too busy, find a local shop that sells local preserves.  This is a great idea for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests.  Find a regional treat to share with loved ones.  In Maine? Go for maple syrup.  In Georiga? Share some peaches.  Find what's unique about your area and share the love.

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