Saturday, November 28, 2009

WGIC recently saw a great news segment on 190 North about, a site described in their own words below:

PixieListTM is a free service that makes it easy to give away usable items from the home or office that you no longer need. Save money and the planet by reusing free items offered by others in your community. Everything listed here is 100% free with no strings attached. That's the rule. Free to give. Free to get. All free!
Looking for something that you don't already see on PixieList? Use our wish list feature to let other people know you can really use that certain something.
We charities and wish list items from registered charities are clearly marked. If you donate items to a registered charity, you may even get a tax deduction!
So use PixieList and really clean up!

While is relatively new to the scene, the thought behind it is good. We love the idea of FREE, (I mean, who doesn't!?), but we also love that products are getting reused instead of thrown away! So shop away~

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