Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday!  Today the Christmas season officially kicks off.  And in honor of that, we thought we'd suggest a great website we love to use this time of year.

Growing up, it was always a hassle to get everyone together BEFORE the holidays so we could draw names for Secret Santa gifts. Inevitably, my granny ended up drawing names for everyone and calling our long-distance relatives.  Then, she proceeded to tease us all for the next 3 weeks that she knew who everyone's Secret Santa was . . .  sound familiar? 

Well, thanks to some amazing people, there's a great service available called Elfster. is a super easy way to organize a Secret Santa, whether it's for family, friends, the office, or whoever!  Secret Santa participants sign up individually through a group, and then Elfster does the dirty work, matching up participants. You can create wish-lists, tell your Secret Santa about yourself, and even ask your person anonymous questions to determine what they'd like. 

Our favorite thing about Elfster: it makes it even easier to be green.  No wasting tiny slips of paper drawing names; no buying and shipping lots of gifts all over the country; no returning unwanted presents.  Be sure to check out Elfster this season for your Secret Santa gift exchanges!

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  1. Using for a family secret santa this year, and so far love it. Thanks for the suggestion WGIC!!