Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ask a Planner: Kids' Party Favors

Dear WGIC,

I'm planning a party for my child's fifth birthday party.  Every year it seems we spend more and more on favors for all of the kids. It's not that I mind handing out favors, but it's getting expensive.  The favors are becoming one of the most expensive parts of the party.  Do I have to give out favors? Any ideas for more affordable goodies to give the kids?


We couldn't agree more. Some parties these days have super elaborate and expensive favors.  It's getting out of hand. The point of favors is to thank your guests for attending, but it shouldn't break the bank. And there are many great ways to say thanks in a more budget-friendly way.

1. Give away a sweet treat.  At the party, kids are often stuffed full of candy and snacks and cake.  So go with a smaller cake for the party (and smaller portions for guests), and then send home a cupcake or cookie with each child.  You can wrap the treat in a pretty bag or box for easy transportation.

2. Do double-duty with your entertainment and favors.  When I was a kid, my mom bought a bunch of stadium cups, paint pens, glitter and glue, and puff paint.  Each kid at the party decorated a cup. They dried while we played, and then we made ice cream sundaes in the cups. At the end of the party, each child got to take their cup home.

3. DIY! One of our favorite favors to make and give is custom-decorated wooden initials. These are so simple and affordable, and the possibilities are endless. Initials are perfect for boys or girls, and can be attached to a ribbon to hang from the wall or sit on a shelf.

We hope that helps, Angie! Thanks for sending in your question.

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