Friday, August 20, 2010

Gift Guide: Custom Stamps

Today we're kicking off a new column: the Gift Guide.  The Gift Guide is your source for the best gifts to give for any occasion. We'll feature a new gift and tell you who it's perfect for, where to buy it and how much it costs.  Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further than the Gift Guide!

Featured Gift: Custom Address Stamps!

Where to Shop: We love the variety available on, but custom stamps can be found all over the web.

Cost: Around $50, depending on where you buy and how complicated the design is

The Perfect Gift for: newlyweds, anyone who has moved recently, new grads moving out on their own, and pretty much anyone else. Youngsters will also love the monogram stamps to personalize their stuff. Or give a custom stamp to your favorite book-lover to label the books in their personal library.

Are you looking for the perfect gift or favor to give?  Email us at to see how we can help.

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