Friday, August 6, 2010

#FF - Second Round

The second blog blog give-away is going great; and again, reading through your venue ideas is so much fun (I have to agree, Navy Pier is a great spot, especially the atrium!). 
So, like last time, there is a Round #2!

Here’s how it works: Post a #followfriday tweet anytime today (Friday, August 6th) that includes both #followfriday and @wevegotitchi (yup, that's it!). The tweet will count as an additional entry into our Greener Landz Give-Away -- you may tweet as many times as you would like, but only ONE will count as an entry into the contest.

maximum amount of entries possible Round #1 = 5
maximum amount of entries possible Round #2 = 1


Who’s eligible: Anyone with a Twitter account.
As a reminder, click here for a list of prizes.

Don’t know what #followfriday is: That’s ok, just paste “#followfriday @wevegotitchi” in a tweet. Boom. You’re entered.


For a full rundown of contest rules and for other ways to enter, see here.

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