Monday, February 8, 2010

Make It Yours Monday: A Year's Worth of Gifts

Who wouldn't love a year's worth of gifts?  LaurenMakes has inspired us once again with a great DIY project.  While this was originally meant as a gift for her husband, we see a world of possibilities for your next occasion.
  • Give as a gift for a friend or loved one for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's day. Really, any holiday would work!
  • Treat your employees to a year's worth of perks at your next office party
  • Present your clients with 12 months of discounts or extras at a customer appreciation event
  • Create a year's worth of easy go-to date nights for your sweetheart
  • Give your bridesmaids a year's worth of fun surprises as a thank you for being your best gals
  • Know someone who's new in town? Help them explore their new neighborhood with 12 months of local activities.

There's two ways to put these together.  Lauren did hers with customized cards describing the date.  But My Mix of Six went a different route. She included the needed items, like tickets and gift cards. This can get costly, but remember, you don't have to give a major gift each month.  There are tons of free and affordable activities available throughout the year in Chicago. Search a site like ChicaGO for some fun ideas. Get creative and find fun and inexpensive ways to treat someone to a special day each month.

Need help pulling this together?  We've Got It! Chicago offers design services to help you create custom DIY projects for your next special occasion. Contact us today at for more information.

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