Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suggestion Saturday: Bleeding Heart Bakery

We're sorry for the late post today: but it's definitely worth the wait! - check out the

Where: 1955 West Belmont Avenue (Damen and Belmont) 773.327.6934

What: Local, organic and sustainable Punk Rock Bakery.

Why: Number one, because their treats are delicious. Number two, they're a green business: they use local, organic and sustainable ingredients to provide amazing and thought provoking pastry. Number three, they consider everyone: vegan versions are available for many of their popular treats (and they're just as good, too)

When: Anytime desert is needed. They do wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, brownies, muffins, you name it. If you're thinking of a desert table, this would be a great spread. Do you have to consider gluten free guests? No problem, they do that too.  We're actually going there tomorrow to pick up some vegan brownies for a Thank You gift for a friend!  

Who: For Everyone, vegan or otherwise.

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