Saturday, February 20, 2010

Suggestion Saturday: 1154 Lill

Customize with 1154 Lill

Where: 904 W. Armitage (west Bucktown/Lincoln Park)

What: A Custom Handbag shop! You choose your style bag, color and types of fabrics, and viola! Throw a party in your own home, order online, or visit the store - the choice is yours! And all bags are sewn and assembled right here in Chicago! How great!

Why: Because what woman doesn't need another purse? Choose from pre-made designs, or get crafty and create one all your own. Mix and match colors and fabrics. Make a make-up bag or a duffle!

When: When isn't a good time to go to 1154 Lill is probably a better question! We love this idea for brides who are looking to spend some quality time with and give something special to their bridesmaids. They're in your wedding for a reason, right? So show them with a beautifully personal and down right adorable event and gift. We also recommend 1154 Lill for just about any other occasion: young woman's birthday party (ages 12-16), woman's birthday party, low-key bachelorette party, or just because you and your girlfriends need a new, fabulous bag!

Who: For the ladies, young and old!

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