Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Outdoor Garden Party'

We were recently contacted to help plan a 1st birthday party. And we couldn't wait to get started putting our ideas down on paper!  We provided two idea boards with two pretty different themes and ended up meshing them together (final result is picture #3):

Theme #1: Elegance

1. centerpieces would be minimal, square vases with sand and white Japanese Mitsumata Branches
2. birthday girl's name attached to centerpiece for that extra touch
3. All white lanterns hung from ceiling mixed in with butterflies tied to fishing line. To give the impression the butterflies are flying through the clouds
4. ADORABLE favor tags found on - these are such a fun way to add that special touch
5. Loose example of what the ceiling would look like
6. Lanterns sit on food and desert table, and possibly scattered throughout the room
7. centerpieces for children's tables would have bugs sitting in moss

Theme #2: The Hungry Caterpillar

1. centerpieces would house green and red apples with plastic bugs scattered inside
2. Seat cushions would add that extra pop of color where guests would least expect it
3. Yellow Gerber daisies would sit in 6'' square vases throughout the room on beds of moss
4. White chairs with seat cushions colors from pictures 2
5. Adorable favor tags let guests go home with a reminder of the theme
6. Cupcakes are so easy for children's parties. Less fuss, no cutting, each the same size!

With those two themes as our starting point, and given the feedback from our client, this is what we decided on:

Final Theme: Spring Color!

1. Centerpieces with more color. Instead of sand at bottom of square vase, yellow stones will be added. Colorful butterflies and bugs with sit in the Mitsumata branches
2. Desert table will be lined with moss for the opaque yellow vases/cake stands/plates to sit. Varying sized glass vases will also be filled with orange/yellow/pink candy. 6'' square vases will house brightly colored yellow Gerber daisies (see picture 5)
3. Lanterns will be yellow/pink/orange and will still hang from the ceiling along with white butterflies
4. Centerpieces of children’s tables will have foam board attached underneath for children to stick colored pencils and crayons for easy access (with little bugs glued to the tops for added detail, of course!)
5. Gerber daisies and other seasonal flowers in yellow and light orange will be spread throughout the room

So what do you think? What theme worked for your child's birthday party?

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