Monday, February 1, 2010

Orange, Blue . . . and Green?

As you may have heard us mention a time or two before, our two lead planners, Katie and Alison, are alumni of the University of Florida.  We have a LOT of school pride and we love to brag on our school for doing awesome things . . . like winning National Championships!  However, this time we have something to brag about and it's not sports-related. 

We've Got It! Chicago is all about going green, and we're proud that our alma mater is too.  Over the past few years, our old stompong ground has taken big strides to implement eco-friendly initiatives.  Across campus, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to recycle materials, print less, and make green choices in transportation. But that's just the begining. 

Because of our involvement with the Windy City Gator Club, we know many of our readers are members of the Gator Nation too. If you want to get involved with UF's green initiatives, check out their webpage. And even if you're not a Gator, we still think you should give it a look; you might find some good ideas for turning your home and office into a greener place. 

So what about you? Is your alma mater going green? What about at home or at your place of business?  Tell us about the green efforts you've made in your day-to-day life.

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