Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bike the Drive

Have you dreamed of biking Lake Shore Drive without worrying about speeding, careless drivers?  Have you wanted to take in the beauty of Chicago's skyline and Lake Michigan without worrying about keeping pace in a bike race or watching out for motor vehicles? Then this is your opportunity!  On Sunday, May 30th, you'll have your chance at the MB Financial Bank's Bike the Drive fundraiser for the Active Transportation Alliance.

Sign up online today to enjoy a $5 discount. The discount ends today, but registration is still possible for a while longer.  Or take advantage of a great opportunity to save $22 by registering for the Gold Package which include Bike the Drive, the Lakefront Boulevard Tour and a one year membership to the Active Transportation Alliance, complete with all the member benefits!

This is a great way to get active, see your city and kick-off your summer the right way! Plus, we love that it encourages people to opt for Earth-friendly modes of transportation!

Will you be participating in Bike the Drive or the Lakefront Boulevard Tour? Tell us about your favorite bike path through or around the city. Or share with us your favorite way to kick-off the summer!

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