Thursday, March 18, 2010

Table Topics

Having a dinner party and need conversation starters?

Look no further than Table Topics.

Our experience: WGIC helps plan events for the Windy City Gator Club where we've recently started having monthly dinners. The great thing is there's always a bunch of new faces; the difficult thing is sometimes it's hard to get conversations started when people don't really know anyone.  Enter Table Topics! They have cubes for every type of situation, from Family Get-Togethers, Girl's Night Out, and Book Club to Not Your Mom's Dinner Party!  They even have a Couples Edition and a 60's, 70's, and 80's Editions - how fun!

Check 'em out for your next get together, road trip, or night on the town!

Decades: The '80sValley girls and video games, Ronald Reagan and Rubik's Cube, Flashdance and the fall of the Berlin Wall... TableTopics '80s edition has it all covered. Let the era of big business and even bigger hair inspire fun conversation with friends and family. Because when it comes to boring conversation, our advice is "just say no."

Questions Include:
•Which was better Fame, Footloose or Flashdance?
•What were the first videos you remember seeing on MTV?
•Did you own any clothes inspired by Miami Vice?
•Which character in the Breakfast Club were you most like in the '80s?
•Did Reaganomics work?
•Was Fantasy Island magical or creepy?

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