Monday, March 1, 2010

Make It Yours Monday: Earth-Friendly Guest Book

How boring are traditional guest books? I remember as a little girl going through my parents' wedding guest book and wondering, 'who are all these people?' and why do my parents have a list of their names?  More importantly, if this is such a significant keepsake, then why is it stuffed away in the back of a dusty drawer? Shouldn't it be out on display?  Of course, no one wants to display a book of signatures, but this new Earth-Friendly Guest Book is a gorgeous work of art that you'll want to put on your wall for the world to see and admire. Behold, the Wedding Tree!

click image for a larger view

As you can see, this is not the typical guest book. It's a beautiful work of art, created by those who are nearest and dearest to your heart. And to make sure it's green, print it on recycled paper, use an eco-friendly frame, and opt for "green" ink (not just in color). 

This is a gorgeous project that Mustard & Sage has shared with the world, but we've thought of a few ways to tweak it to make it perfect for your next event!
  • Having a fall wedding? Use an array of reds, oranges and golds when selecting ink colors. You'll create a beautiful fall image reminiscent of the day you wed the love of your life.
  • What a charming way to capture all of the guests at a baby shower or Christening!  Opt for pinks and yellows or greens and blues to create a whimsical baby-friendly look, then hang the finished picture in the nursery.
  • Hosting a 50th wedding anniversary?  In honor of the golden anniversary, use black paper and have guests stamp their prints with metallic colors (golds and silvers and bronzes) for a unique look.
  • This is perfect for a family reunion.  Select a different shade of green for each branch of the family and you'll have a lovely souvenir for the matriarch (or patriarch).  Or make color copies and frame them as gifts for each family branch that attends!
Will you incorporate the Guest Book Tree into your next event?  Need help creating a design that fits your event perfectly?  Email us at and we can help!

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