Monday, March 8, 2010

Make It Yours Monday: Drawstring Goodie Bags

Lovely Design has come up with another lovely design that we love!  Last year she hand-crafted these precious drawstring goodie bags for her daughter's birthday party.

And because she's a generous crafter, she's even offered up a simple tutorial for putting these together yourself.  Now, if you're not a crafty person (and we understand not everyone is), you could always purchase the drawstring bags in bulk and personlize them yourself.  With iron on adhesive and ready made appliques, it's pretty idiot-proof!

We love her idea of monogramming the bags for each of the children with fabric scraps from previous projects. Not only did she save some money going this route, but she also saved the leftover fabric from ending up in the landfill.  Other than monogramming, we've found some adorable appliques to make this project perfect for your next event.

Having a beach wedding?  Give your guests a fan to stay cool and pair of flip-flops in a coastal-themed bag. Use two different images to distinguishe between men's and women's sized sandals.

Springy birds would perfectly fit a nesting theme for a bridal or baby shower favor bag.

Hosting a party for the big game? Hand out personalized bag with game snacks, pom-poms and other fun treats.

Instead of giving out stockings filled with treats at your holiday party, use this darling stocking applique to turn the goodie bag into a festive holiday gift.
Add a sweet treat to the bag and fill it with delicious snacks for your guests to take home.

Have you been inspired to make personalized goodie bags for your next event? Want help customizing your next occasion? Email us at to see how we can help!

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