Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google Weddings

Just when you thought Google couldn't get any better, now they want to help plan your wedding!  Yep, you read that right. Google has created a range of Google Docs to help make the wedding planning process that much easier for you.  Google has teamed up with the folks over at Style Me Pretty to create more than 20 docs for you.

So what exactly are these Google Docs?  They are templates that you can download and fill in with your personal info. They are tools you can use to make your life easier, like the address collector:

The address collector link can be sent to everyone on your guest list. They enter their information and it appears in a spreadsheet, all ready for you to use when addressing invitations. How easy is that?!

Another favorite is the budget spreadsheet.  Google has included EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine spending money on for your big day.  The template even includes an estimated column and an actual column so you can track how well you are staying within your budget.

Another favorite of ours is the Music List. It's a great way to organize your music preferences for your DJ or band.  And a great way to ensure that the Chicken Dance doesn't get played!

These are just a few of the amazingly helpful docs that Google has created to help you. Be sure to check out the full list here. They have more than 20 docs to make the planning process easier. Thanks, Google!

Are you planning a wedding?  Will you use any of the Google Wedding Docs?  Leave a comment and tell us about your big plans and how Google Docs will be incorporated.  Or, if you're still intimidated by the entire process, shoot us an email at to see how we can help make your day amazing!

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