Monday, March 15, 2010


Have you ever seen those really amazing cupcakes at a party? You know, the ones with thematic wrappers and beautifully hand-crafted cupcake flags? And you think to yourself, 'Man, that is one good-looking cupcake! But who the heck has the time or the patience to make cupcakes look so darn good?!' Or maybe you just shove the whole thing in your mouth and hadn't given it a second thought until now.  Well, whichever kind of cupcake-lover you are, your life just got better. 

Plates and Napkins: Designer Party Supplies offers you just that: amazingly beautiful designer party supplies at not-so-designer prices!  I got sucked into their website the other day for almost an hour, crusing through their inventory, browsing by color and theme and occasion.  And the best part: they offer eco-friendly party supplies. They have an entire line of Ultra Green paper goods, described here:

100% Biodegradable, Compostable & Sustainable. Ultra Green Tree Free sugarcane paper products biodegrade or compost in 60-90 days. Cornstarch cups and utensils biodegrade or compost in 150 days. These eco-friendly products withstand heat, hot liquids, oil and are safe for microwave and freezer. Plates are made of sugar cane fiber and plastics are made from cornstarch.

Okay, I've digressed enough. Back to the cupcakes. While I was cruising around Plates and Napkins, I found the most adorable cupcake kits. These kits come with themed cupcake papers along with the cutest little cupcake topper figurines. There's quite a variety too, so whatever type of festivity you're throwing, there's sure to be a cupcake kit that fits the motif. And at .50 a cupcake, it will fit your budget too!

Here's a few of our favorites:

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